SEO Review



Most local companies in Portland don’t need a full blown social media strategy or links coming in from top quality websites to compete on Google. For the most part, you can have a pretty good ranking just by avoiding the following mistakes:

  1. Your title tag is too long or doesn’t contain your keywords. Our title tag on our homepage is: “Internet Marketing Portland | M2P Marketing”

That’s pretty much all you need. A short description with your top keywords and location and your title. Many companies don’t put top keywords in the title tag, leave out the location or exceed Google’s recommended 55-60 character limit.

  1. Your h1 tag lacks descriptive keywords. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the following headline: “Welcome to [Company’s Name]. This is such a missed opportunity! This is one of the top areas that search engines look to see what your page is about, which means you want to have some of your top keywords in this section.
  2. Lack of content. This seems to be the most common issue right now, even among websites that have done some SEO work in the past. Almost every company could use some more content on their websites, and it’s beneficial for both top keywords and long-tail keywords!
  3. Broken Links. This one’s hard to be perfect in without software to identify broken links for you. There are free versions available online to varying qualities, but you’re more than welcome to give us a call and we’ll run a broken link check and a site audit for free.
  4. Your images don’t have alt tags. Alt tags tell search engines what a picture is showing. This is a great opportunity to weave in some of your keywords, since Google places a large emphasis on photos.
  5. Your navigation bar is out of order or doesn’t contain keywords. Google looks heavily at the words in your navigation bar because nav bars often contain products and services. Make sure your top keywords are somewhere in here and preferably closer to the top.
  6. Your Google My Business profile is not optimized. Google Maps use locations and information in your Google My Business profile to rank searches on the map. Make sure that you have all your products and services listed in the description section on Google maps.

If you don’t know how to fix these issues or don’t know what they are, give us a call and we will run over your site with you. Even if we aren’t the right firm for your needs, we will at least give you a solid direction on what needs to be improved and how it can be done.