What is Programmatic Marketing?


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]henever most consumers are ready to make a purchase, and they’re not sure which company to choose, what do they do? Most look online, whether they are price shopping, researching or looking at reviews. They may notice that ads for the brands they looked at will start appearing shortly thereafter. This targeting is called programmatic marketing.  M2P Marketing’s programmatic platform automates and optimizes this process of targeting prospective customers.

Programmatic marketing utilizes big data to target and deliver advertising to the consumers wherever they are in the purchasing funnel. For example, a roofer can advertise to homeowners in the Portland area with a household income of over $80,000, who are in the market for a new shake roof or have a roof that needs repair. With the amount of data available online, brands can target ‘people’ based on their traffic patterns or certain keywords that they have searched. This means that rather than searching for a publisher whose audience matches a brand’s demographics, you can set your demographic and the M2P Marketing platform will find advertising to deliver to the intended target across millions of websites. This eliminates waste and makes your campaigns much more efficient.

How does programmatic marketing work?

Similar to a stock exchange, advertising exchanges were set up to directly connect companies looking to sell advertising (website publishers) to companies looking to buy digital advertising (brands). Through these exchanges, companies bid on digital inventory in real time. M2P Marketing works from what is called a demand side platform (DSP for short). When a user visits a site that is part of the Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchange, an auction takes place in milliseconds. If the demographic, geographic and behavioral traits of this user fits the brand’s criteria and win the bid, the brand’s banner or video advertising runs on that website.  This process has eliminated many inefficiencies from the traditional media buying process, which means every brand – big or small – has the same chance of displaying their banner or video advertising to the identified target and a larger share of advertising dollars go directly towards reaching their targeted consumer.


Our pricing model is designed to fit the needs of our clients. If the objective is to generate leads, we can charge by the click or even by the lead. If the objective is a branding campaign, you can use a more traditional CPM model. Our philosophy is to offer complete transparency with our pricing.

Keeping up with the trends and learning all the techniques of programmatic marketing is a full time job. Rather than employing a full-time employee to learn all the trends, attend conferences in remote destinations, and manage your campaigns, trust in M2P Marketing’s experienced staff to provide top-quality work at a reasonable price.

If you’re interested in learning more or seeing how we can help you achieve your marketing goals more efficiently, contact us below.