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Benefit from our mobile experience

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e may have many competitors, but few can match our level of industry expertise and our transparency when it comes to sharing data with our clients. We were one of the first mobile marketing companies and with that comes experience– The experience our clients have come to depend on us to deliver. From very small campaigns, to large communication plans, we work within budgets and tight timelines. We began with text messaging and mobile communication-our clients asked us for more. We deliver targeted and ‘cut-through-the clutter’ messages across devices that help our clients improve their 1-1 relationship with their customers, improve productivity and drive sales. We partner with companies and agencies to deliver simple and rich media text messages, mobile web and mobile app campaigns, online video and banners, native,  premium sites and mobile enabled websites that complement their marketing strategy .


What’s relevant to a consumer changes throughout the month, the day, even the minute. M2P Marketing’s mobile audience solutions connects brands with their target consumers at the moments that matter most – increasing relevancy for both consumers and brands.

Our main focus is to deliver relevant audiences to our clients, at scale. With our first- and third-party data assets, we deliver the most precise audience and cross-screen targeting solutions in the market. Because the M2P Marketing’s Platform operates in real-time, we can respond to every shift in data, allowing us to continually refresh and identify audience segments when individual interests, activities and needs change.



Consumers today consume content across all screens during their purchasing journey.  They jump from screen to screen and consume content everywhere. We help advertisers target consumers regardless of screen or device, in a single ad buy. Connect with audiences across smartphones, tablets, laptops and home PCs, to make your campaigns more cohesive, relevant and impactful with less waste.


Reach consumers based on actual, real-world actions and behaviors. Our data algorithm, combined with third-party data partnerships, builds the most precise and scalable behavioral audiences in the industry. Advertisers can strengthen their message by ensuring that they are providing the right value proposition to the right consumer at the right time.


Target consumers based on demographic profiles, including age, gender, household income, language, education and more. Ensure the brand message is delivered to the demographic most aligned with the desired consumer to drive maximum campaign effectiveness.


One of the most powerful targeting solutions to mobile: location. Leverage millions of  location data points our platform receives and analyzes to ensure your message is delivered to the right consumer at the right location at the right time. With our proprietary and leading geo-targeting solutions, advertisers can reach consumers at any time and any place – with accuracy.


Connect with consumers at moments in which brands can provide the most value. Contextual Audiences reach consumers based on what is happening around them at a given moment. Whether they are shopping at a competitor’s location, or attending a sporting event or music festival.


Make an impact, again. Leverage our retargeting solutions to reach your existing audiences with reinforcement messaging. Retargeting solutions include PC to Mobile Retargeting, Ad and App Retargeting, and the App Engagement Program. Our team can configure a targeting solution to achieve specific campaign goals.